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Chris Harrison gets his disingenuous feelings hurt when people mock failed Bachelor relationships

In the wake of the latest break-up of a couple that met on The Bachelorette, host Chris Harrison has come up with more of his fake outrage, this time having his feelings hurt over the way people respond to the show’s endless parade of break-ups.

“I get a little upset when people say, ‘Oh, another one bites the dust.’ It’s like, no, that’s not the case. They very much loved each other. They were trying to build a life in San Diego and it didn’t work out,” he said on Access Hollywood.

Even if they were deeply in love and their relationship failed, it still is the case that another one failed, and maybe if his show wasn’t primarily concerned with manufacturing drama, the couples might have a slightly better chance. But Chris is part of the machine that handicaps the relationships by its ratings-juicing bullshit, and his “I care so deeply about these people I’m using to get a paycheck and increasing amounts of fame myself” act makes me puke.

In case there was any doubt about that, he immediately transitioned into talking about how incredibly popular his show is, saying that Ali’s appearance on a gossip magazine’s cover to discuss her break-up “speaks largely to the popularity of the show. There is this 365-day/year news cycle now of the people on our show. The last couple of years, it’s become this phenomenon where the tabloids and everything have kind of followed the people on our show. It’s been interesting to see how it grows. It’s a big story. I mean, obviously, it must mean something to put them on the cover.”

If you haven’t eaten recently and think you can handle watching both Chris Harrison and Billy Bush in the same clip, watch the conversation.

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