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Richard Hatch says he was replaced by Rob Mariano on Survivor Redemption Island

Survivor winner Richard Hatch would have been cast on Survivor Redemption Island instead of its eventual winner, Rob Mariano, but Hatch was not permitted to participate by a court, he said upon being released from prison again today. We previously knew that he was offered Heroes vs. Villains but a judge said no.

“Boston Rob took my place and won the million dollars, which I would have done, in this last Survivor show,” Richard told the Rhode Island NBC affiliate, with his characteristic cockiness–though he’s probably right, since we’ve now had two seasons in a row of returning players march to the end unimpeded. He said the judge and prosecutors were “hypocritically preventing me from huge opportunities” including “by blocking my participation in Survivor.”

In the interview, which you can watch below, Hatch also said, “I have a really interesting show idea and I think I have a deal already.” He didn’t give any details. Richard was released having served nine months for violating his probation, which included not filing and paying taxes, which he insists he couldn’t do.

As to his recent incarceration and tribulations, he said, “The public has had the opportunity to believe lots that isn’t true,” and also said, “the system is broken and it fails people all the time, and I’m just one example.” Richard also told a reporter, “always leaving feels good, since now I can say I’ve done that a couple of times. It’s a tragedy. This is nothing more than institutionalized bullying in Rhode Island, and it’s sad. And I’ve proclaimed my innocence from day one.”

Whatever you think of his arguments (which actually make sense), it seems very absurd how he’s spent a lot of time in prison and, say, no companies or individuals have even been prosecuted for their part in the financial meltdown and abuses that led up to it.

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