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Duggars are pregnant with their 20th child

The TLC reality TV show that has changed its name twice because the family it follows keep squeezing out babies will have to be renamed again, as the Duggars are pregnant with their 20th child. Yes, the stars of 19 Kids and Counting, who use God as their condom/pill, are adding another person to the clan.

They announced that on the Today Show this morning, and Michelle Duggar, who’s 45, told the show’s web site, “We are so excited. I was not thinking that God would give us another one, and we are just so grateful.”

Ann Curry asked, “Why isn’t 19 enough for you?” Excellent question! Michelle said, “The motto around our house: there’s always room for one more.” She also said, “We would love how many the lord sees fit to give us,” she said. Hey, here’s a surprise: the lord will stop impregnating you if you stop having sex without protection. And since the lord has stocked stores around the country with birth control, maybe that’s a sign?

Actually, their delusional justification for their behavior is far less disturbing than their insistence upon having more kids despite the immediate risks (never mind the long-term impact on kids who grow up in such a huge family and get maybe one tenth of the attention and care from their parents than other kids have). As The Today Show reports, the:

“last pregnancy was fraught with danger. She suffered from gall-bladder problems as well as preeclampsia. In order to save her life, doctors delivered daughter Josie three and a half months prematurely — she weighed only one pound, six ounces at birth, and endured a series of health emergencies, including a perforated bowel. Josie eventually went home with the rest of the Duggar family, and is now a healthy toddler who will celebrate her second birthday in December.”

That’s great that she’s now healthy, but is it really worth the risk to the next child? And should TLC really be enabling them by continuing to film this? We saw what happened to Jon and Kate, and at least they had the good sense to stop at eight.

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