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Patti Stanger defends her offensive stereotyping of gay men, Jewish men

Patti Stanger, the moron that Bravo made famous via her virtually unwatchable reality show The Millionaire Matchmaker, has defended and sort of apologized for her moronic, offensive statements about gay men and Jewish men.

Appearing on Watch What Happens, Patti first tells a caller, “In the gay world there’s always going to be open,” meaning open relationships, as in, gay men are whores and will never be committed to a single partner. Patti later said, “There is no curbing the gay. Have you seen the Madison episode? I tried to curb you people and you just don’t–I decided to throw in the towel and do what you want, but when you find the right person you will know.” Host Andy Cohen then said, “I’m down for the monogamy,” and Patti snorts, as if he’s just said, My face is a bowl of unicorn spaghetti.

That was just the beginning. Gawker compiled a video of her stupidity about gay men (“you are very handsome; I thought you were straight,” she said to one guy,” and when Andy asked, “Why is being straight a compliment?”, she replied, “Because he’s not queeny.”

Later, Patti asked a caller if the men she dated are Jewish. Andy Cohen asked, “What do Jewish men do?” Patti replied, “They lie.” Andy said, “So I’m a non-mongamous liar.”

On Twitter and elsewhere, people are calling for her firing. That won’t happen, of course, because this is just bringing more attention to a show that should just be ignored. I would have loved, however, for Andy to just fire her on Watch What Happens.

Earlier today, Patti defended her remarks, writing on Twitter, “It’s true LA gays toughest nuts to crack to monogamy!” She then gave a half-assed defense of her comments, saying, “Attn male Gays: I support you & my comment on WWHL was to a LA guy who can’t find commitment.” Four hours later, she wrote, “So sorry — didn’t mean to offend anyone. Love you all. X0”

After Elton got official statements from both Patti and Bravo. The network said, “Bravo regrets the comments expressed by Patti Stanger on Watch What Happens Live last night. Her comments are not representative of the network’s beliefs and opinions. We apologize for the offense it caused.” Patti’s statement was similar to her tweet: “I am so sorry. I did not mean to offend anyone with my comments last night on Watch What Happens Live.”

Note that she did not actually retract her statements, probably because she actually believes them. Last week, she said on a talk show, “Women are smart in business and dumb in love” and “[Men] like [smart women] after marriage. They don’t like them before they are married. You got to dumb it down a little because men are not that bright.”

If anyone would know how to identify not very bright people, it’s Patti. Her comments shouldn’t be a surprise at all. On her show, she judges people based on her pointless rules (watch her berate a Big Brother star for his rather clever first date), and consistently makes proclamations that are little more than thinly disguised gender stereotypes combined with utter stupidity and a lot of attitude. You’d get better relationship advice from a neutered spaghetti unicorn.

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