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Jeff Probst wins his fourth consecutive Emmy, Deadliest Catch wins its first as a series

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences gave out Emmys in the creative arts category Saturday night, including two of the three major reality series awards, giving Survivor host Jeff Probst his fourth consecutive Emmy for outstanding reality show host, and giving Deadliest Catch its first win for outstanding reality series and three other Emmys.

While Discovery’s awesome Deadliest Catch has won technical Emmys before, this is its first series win, and it was the big reality TV winner of the night, winning all four of the Emmys it was nominated for. It’s a great series, and was nominated for perhaps its best episode ever: “Redemption Day,” which focused on Phil Harris’ death.

Probst was nominated for the Redemption Island episode during which he did an excellent job of moderating a Tribal Council discussion/debate about race. Besides the Academy’s general laziness when it comes to reality show awards (oh, Amazing Race, I’ve heard of that), it’s easy to see why it’d be hard for a single Ryan Seacrest- or Cat Deeley-hosted episode to compete with that.

Overall, it wasn’t a great night for reality series, as they tended to lose to variety shows or other nonfiction programs. The best reality show series award will be announced at the Emmys next Sunday.

Here’s the list of Creative Arts winners in nonfiction categories. If there’s no highlighted entry, that’s because the show that won isn’t a reality series or documentary, at least not by my definition. For those, see the full list of Creative Arts winners.