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Big Brother feed watchers accuse Diary Room producers of manipulating the game

Feed watchers are incensed that a Big Brother houseguest may be receiving help in the game from Diary Room producers who the houseguest refers to be name, and are angrily tweeting about that to executive producer Allison Grodner, along with the usual assortment of bizarre conspiracy theories and otherwise irrational nonsense.

We’ve seen how extremely personal and familiar producers can be with the houseguests when they think they are talking in private, but I mostly see that as a strategy–perhaps unethical–to get the cast members to feel comfortable talking. And I’m not sure how much we can trust what the houseguests say about what the Diary Room producers told them, because they could either be lying or just repeating back what they heard/wanted to hear instead of what was said. In addition, it’s a good producer’s job to ask questions, though not in a way that would suggest new strategy or provide information that contestants wouldn’t otherwise have, but the process of asking questions might prompt new thinking.

The details about what happened reveal spoilers about Wednesday’s episode, so stop reading if you don’t want to know.

During the competition this weekend, Jeff won the veto and used it to veto one of his own nominations and backdoor Daniele. But Shelly is now working to save Daniele by getting other houseguests to vote for Hamsterwatch summarizes Monday’s strategy, which includes Daniele pitching Shelly, and Shelly working to convince Porsche and Adam (and now Rachel that they should vote Kalia out and then turn on Jeff and Jordan. Shelly’s change of heart, the conspiracy suggests, was prompted by producers to help save Daniele. Some have suggested the conspiracy theory is simply Jeff and Jordan fans freaking out about their favorite human beings ever being split up, and Shelly’s realization that she won’t win against either of them isn’t that surprising.

Jokers Updates has the “flashback” times to find footage of some of the more damning conversations about the Diary Room, including Daniele saying producers gave her wine in the Diary Room and saying Diary Room producers will quit if she leaves (she names the producers: Jeff and Natalie). In addition, before he vetoed Porsche and nominated Daniele, Jeff said the Diary Room producers were trying to convince him to save Daniele.

If this is at all true, I’m not convinced this is about Daniele as it is about rescuing this season from its tediousness. Nothing strategically interesting has happened at all, and the house flipping and turning on Jeff would be dramatic. But it also kills the storyline of Jeff and Jordan making it to the end together, which somehow seems more along the lines of what the show would want to emphasize.

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