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Sugar explains post-Survivor suicide attempt, JT’s betrayal

Jessica “Sugar” Kiper has explained more about what she revealed last week on Celebrity Rehab: her attempted suicide after being voted out of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains.

On last night’s Celebrity Rehab, Sugar told the group that she’d used drugs since she was a teenager, and said, “the only time I ever took a break was during Survivor.” After being voted out, so while she was at Ponderosa, Sugar said, “I was really wasted because they just ply you with alcohol. … Everybody went to sleep and then I went and got aspirin out of the medical thing and like, you know, figured out how many I needed and piled them up and was about to start taking them–I wanted to hurt myself.”

Earlier, Sugar told me in a brief interview that her comment in last week’s episode (she said, “They sent me home from Survivor because I wanted to hurt myself”) referred not to her fellow cast members, but to the producers, who had her evacuated from Samoa: “I was flown to Australia to make sure I hadn’t [overdosed],” she told me.

Sugar explained that, in the game, J.T. betrayed her. “I had slept with J.T. and been talking to him for TWO Months prior to the show — I told the whole story, but got edited. J.T. Had a REAL girlfriend in AL. He planned on killing me first ( I guess to show her ‘nothing happened’? I guess? he said ‘trust me’ before the game started — and SORRY — but that can really FUCK with a girl.” (Before she left for Samoa to film that season, Sugar told me JT was her “love interest” and acknowledged that he had a girlfriend.)

Sugar added, “also tell the haters to: ‘SUCK IT HARD’.”

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