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Big Brother finals casting process: how it works, rules finalists must follow

Big Brother debuts its 13th season this week, introducing us to eight new cast members and several returning cast members. All went through a process that we’ve often heard mentioned but that, until now, has never been revealed in detail: finals.

That refers to the final stage in the casting process, when finalists are brought to Los Angeles for several days of screening which may end in them being immediately rejected or kept around for days. In an interview, a finalist for a recent season of Big Brother explained that process in detail to me, and showed me related documentation, some of which I’ve included below. (That person asked not to be identified by name because producers may still consider him for a future season.)

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Big Brother‘s finals is an intense and highly structured process which is outlined below, and there’s more information in the two documents that follow: a letter preparing finalists for the process, and details they are given once they arrive.

Below are documents given to finalists. The first two pages are sent to finalists before casting begins, while the second, the letter from Our House Productions, is given to them at finals. Take note of the following things:

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