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Big Brother cast contract: the agreement houseguests sign

Over 12 seasons and 11 years, Big Brother has entertained and horrified us thanks to the many men and women who have signed up to be cast members on the show. Those houseguests were all required to sign a contract with producers governing their behavior before, during, and after the show, and until now, that contract has never been seen except by those who’ve signed it.

That contract is below, and is unmodified except that personal information and information identifying the season has been redacted. The contract is sent to all finalists before they go to Los Angeles for the finals casting process, and was provided to reality blurred by someone who received it.

While houseguests have the chance to win $500,000 and live in an environment like no other, they give up a lot. They are also heavily controlled by producers, both inside the house and during a period of time afterwards.

Is the experience worth the cost? Is our entertainment worth the impact it may have on the people who have volunteered for this experience?

While there is a lot that is specific to the game of Big Brother, much of the contract is fairly typical, including the legalese that essentially says producers own and can do anything they want with a houseguest, their story, their image, and footage of them, forever.

Much of the language seems similar or even exactly like that in the Survivor cast contract, but there is also a lot that’s specific to the house.

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Potential and actual houseguests agree to:

The Big Brother contract