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Big Brother’s cast: new people plus former houseguests as it follows the new CBS reality show cast model

Big Brother 13‘s cast was revealed this morning, and while the nine people who have been identified are brand-new cast members, CBS has also revealed that multiple “dynamic duos” (barf) will be returning to play the game again. Yes, it’s second chances and redemption for this show, too, although they’re calling it “double trouble.”

Who at CBS is so crippled with insecurity that they have become convinced that their franchises are incapable of existing without former cast members? It’s ridiculous.

CBS’ press release says this season “will feature the return of some of the most dynamic ‘duos’ in the history of Big Brother. The return of these former Houseguests will immediately impact the way the game will be played this summer.” This morning, nine cast members were revealed and the press release says there will be 13 total, so we’ll apparently get two couples.

On its web site, CBS asks you to vote on “Which former dynamic duo do you think will return to the Big Brother house?” (Note that it’s not framed as if we have any choice in the matter.) The options aren’t appealing: Hayden and Enzo, Jeff and Jordan, Jessie and Natalie, Dick and Daniele, Will and Boogie, or Brendon and Rachel.


There is good news: the new cast is less white than last year’s super-white cast, but also has the requisite ridiculousness, like a woman named Porsche. (Watch interviews with them.)

Interestingly, CBS’ web site only shows eight new people, while fan sites that interviewed the cast members have a ninth cast member listed: 26-year-old Jason Thomas from Los Angeles. He’s missing from CBS’ press release for some reason, but appears on We Love Big Brother’s list. Where did he go? Did he drop out and CBS just forgot to tell the sites that conducted interviews?

Update: Yahoo’s Matt Whitfield heard from CBS that the press release was incorrect in its assertion that there will be 13 houseguests. With CBS officially announcing eight today, it seems that Jason was dropped from the cast, likely to make room for a third duo. As many people have pointed out, there are 14 spaces on the photo wall in the house, and while sometimes one space is used for a logo, it makes sense to have 8 new people and three couples for a total of 14 people.

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