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Danielle Staub, Jake Pavelka, Heidi Montag reality series: opening a restaurant with Big Brother’s Mike Malin

The reality series starring a bunch of unlikeable reality stars has been revealed, and despite the fact that it stars Danielle Staub, Jake Pavelka, and Heidi Montag, it is not about reviled reality TV show villains. Instead, those cast members will be opening a restaurant in West Hollywood together for VH1’s Famous Food, a show that also stars Ashley Dupre (best known for her paying gig with Eliot Spitzer), Vincent Pastore from the Sopranos, and Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul and Juicy “J.”

Speaking of reviled cast members, Big Brother winner and former genital wart owner Mike Malin is overseeing the group along with his Dolce Group partner Lonnie Moore. They will choose one of the celebrities to become a partner in the restaurant.

The most hilarious part about this, besides VH1 identifying Ashley Dupre simply as a “singer,” is that VH1’s press release insists the show stars “a cast of food connoisseurs.”

Of course, all of this sounds like a ridiculous joke, and there’s good reason: it comes from producers Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego at 51 Minds Entertainment, the company responsible for all of VH1’s ridiculous dating shows and, before that, The Surreal Life, so despite the fact that VH1’s press release takes all of this seriously, perhaps they’re returning to their celebrity-mocking roots.

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