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Abram’s blood alcohol was .208; charged only with defacing property with his feces

MTV reality show star and kids’ book author Abram Boise appeared before a judge yesterday after his defacing his jail cell with feces, and he ended up being charged only with that, not for indecent exposure after peeing in public. His blood alcohol level was .208.

Abram “was released on $300 bail yesterday after his arraignment on defacing property charges after he allegedly defecated and urinated in his Lunenburg police cell, wrote his name in feces on the cell wall and smeared feces on the cell door and window,” The Worcester Telegram and Gazette reports, noting that “his blood alcohol tested at .208, indicating he was legally drunk.”

The judge, according to the paper, “warned the defendant that if he gets arrested anywhere else in the country, he will be brought back to court in Fitchburg and his bail could be revoked and he could be sent to jail without bail and possibly lose his right to operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts or any other state.”

Abram is the author of The Star of Happiness, which is described on its own web site as “an imaginatively engaging and brilliantly colorful children’s picture book about the individual pursuit of happiness” that has “beautiful poetry reminiscent of Rudyyard [sic] Kipling making for an instant classic to be loved for generations to come.”

The site’s comment section now features some hilarious comments that connect the book to his arrest and subsequent behavior this weekend. For example:

“A turd in the hand is worth 3 stars in the sky I guess.”

“I think after Abe’s latest escapades with pooping in his hand and then using the poo to fingerpaint in his jail cell the book should be renamed the brown star of happiness.”

“… r u an adult? u are sick and should not represent an author writing kids books. stick with the drunk challenges, 3some hook ups”

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