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Jeff Probst launches a new web site with Survivor recap videos, charity appeals, more

Jeff Probst has launched a new web site,, that’s heavy on Survivor content, but also looks beyond the series he’s most famous for hosting.

Jeff introduced the site in a video that seems to have been filmed in his messy home, and in a blog post, Jeff quotes Eckhart Tolle and also writes, “On my best days I truly believe we can make the impossible possible. I want to take the shared interest that many of you have in Survivor and begin a conversation that will certainly include Survivor and also extend beyond into other topics of life.”

Jump the Shark creator and Howard Stern Wrap-Up Show host Jon Hein helped Probst launch the site, and it includes a causes section, which includes “causes which are of great importance to me and therefore, to the Survivor culture,” and he wants fans to help him “affect positive change, on a global level, together.” There are links to Jeff’s own charity in addtion to Malaria No More, the NOH8 Campaign (which Jeff participated in), and others.

There are also video clips of Jeff guest hosting Live with Regis & Kelly: He’s certainly a contender for taking over from Regis Philbin when Regis retires, which will be after Jeff’s show tapes its next two seasons.

Of course, it’s still all very Survivor-centered right now. In another post, Jeff explains why Rob and Russell are returning this season, and again insults fans who aren’t thrilled: “If you are a true Survivor fan then you can’t wait to see Russell play again if for no other reason than you want to see him get his ass kicked.” (Of course, I don’t agree; I think true Survivor fans can just not want to see Russell at all because of the respect they have for the show.)

Elsewhere, Jeff also admits, “I wasn’t a big fan of Survivor: Nicaragua. It just didn’t work for me. But I am a HUGE fan of Redemption Island.”

There’s a section of vlogs for “candid thoughts about this week’s Survivor episode.” Jeff teased this in late January, saying he’d be blogging in a different location and form besides his pieces. (I guessed he would do video blogs for Despite Jeff’s comment, Entertainment Weekly’s Dalton Ross wrote on Twitter that “Jeff’s not leaving,” so perhaps there will be twice as much post-episode commentary this season.

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