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Is Jon “Jonny Fairplay” Dalton returning to Survivor? He says he has “no plans to return”

A report suggests that Jon Dalton, aka Jonny Fairplay, will return to Survivor during one of next year’s seasons, something Dalton himself alluded to about year ago. And he said recently that if he returns, it might be to face off against Richard Hatch.

Yesterday, a person named Brian Anderson posted on Survivor’s Facebook page, “Saw ‘Johnny Fairplay’ at a local wrestling event last night and he told me he was taking part in filming All Stars 2 this summer. Thats all he could tell me about it.”

Since Survivor now films both its fall and spring seasons in the same location during the previous summer, the show needs a twist for at least one of those seasons, and as I reported last January, that would take the form of an all-star and regular season each year. So far, that pattern has held up, though obviously there are only two returning cast members for this spring’s seasons.

A year ago, after the cast for Survivor Heroes vs. Villains was released, Jonny Fairplay was asked why he wasn’t on the show, and he told Fancast, “I guess CBS knows what they’re doing. It must get good ratings. I guess they’ll bring me back later.”

In a recent Q&A with The Montclarion, the student newspaper at Montclair State University, he said that he was a cast member for Survivor Heroes vs Villains but didn’t make it on the show because Richard Hatch wasn’t there:

“I was actually called for Heroes vs. Villains, flew to Los Angeles, got my shots and did all my testing, and a few weeks before I was about to leave I got a call saying that Richard Hatch had not received his passport yet. I asked what that had to do with me, and the producers said that if I were to ever come back to the show, they wanted Jonny Fairplay vs. Richard Hatch. So I guess that puts a hold on me appearing on the show again until Richard Hatch gets his passport.”

If a Richard Hatch/Jonny Fairplay face-off is the only way he can return, maybe we can relax a little, since Hatch has other things going on right now.

Update: Dalton wrote on Twitter and in the comments below that he “has no plans to return to survivor” because he is “filming a scripted tv show.”

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