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Survivor winner Fabio arrested for warrant, skateboarding under the influence

Survivor Nicaragua winner and homoerotic film star Fabio, aka Jud Birza, has been arrested for skateboarding while under the influence of something, and was jailed for that and because there was a warrant for his arrest for a separate DUI, and he’s also on probation for DUI.

TMZ has his mug shot, in which he looks pretty much the same as always, and reports that Santa Monica police “noticed Birza at around noon riding a skateboard in the street — which is illegal. They stopped Birza, noticed he was acting strangely, and determined he was under the influence. … Birza was also booked for an unrelated DUI warrant as well as a probation violation.” He’s being held on $37,000 bail.

A Santa Monica police officer told Entertainment Tonight that after he was “detained for a vehicle code violation,” “[d]uring the time the officer was with him, the officer determined he was under the influence for a controlled substance and placed him under arrest for the open charge of being under the influence and a probation violation, along with the outstanding warrant.”

With this arrest, Fabio joins the other arrested Survivor winners, including Thailand’s Brian, who was jailed for shooting a puppy with a bow and arrow and battering his wife.

Update: Fabio was released from jail and did an extended interview with paparazzi, and it is hilarious and incoherent. He starts by saying, “Dude, this is such bullshit,” and later says the police were “trying all sneaky manipulation, trying to make me feel weird.” He says, “I was in a white room losing my mind” and adds later, “The cops were in there watching me “some of it was not right and I think they know that, too.”

Then he gets on his cell phone and, talking to a friend, says, “Are you picking me up in a limo? Yeah, dude, we got a limo to pick me up from jail!” When the paparazzo tells him that his mug shot is online, Fabio says, “No way, dude! Was I smiling my ass off?”

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