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Jane won’t talk about “incident” that affected her vote; report says it was quid pro quo claim

Perhaps the most interesting thing to happen on Survivor Nicaragua happened off-camera, but it had some impact and consequence, at least according to a report.

In an exit interview, Jane Bright told Fancast’s Gordon Holmes that she voted for Sash “[b]ecause of an incident that happened that night prior to Tribal Council.” Asked about it, Jane says, “I can’t talk about it. But I was saying you guys are making a big mistake. I’m writing his name down even though I know he has an idol. Cause he is a big rattlesnake. And if y’all don’t know it, you know it now. I’m not wasting my vote on Holly.”

Survivor spoiler missyae uses his insider access to report that the incident involved a proposed deal:

“Jane accused Sash of offering to pay off her morgage in exchange for her vote and influence with the jury on his behalf. When she said this Jeff ordered the cameras to stop rolling and called in the producers. They discussed this for about 10 minutes and resumed filming without giving any instructions to the jury or the remaining players. In other words they left it as a ‘he said, she said’ situation.”

Offering to pay another contestant’s mortgage off would absolutely be against the rules, as a quid pro quo arrangement is explicitly prohibited by the Survivor rule book (see page 2, section A, number 5). That includes “a benefit or some form of consideration … after the Series has concluded.” In other words, an agreement to share the prize money alone isn’t the only thing that’s prohibited.

Had that actually happened–again, it’s he said/she said–the rules say that it “may, in Producer’s sole discretion, result in that Contestant’s expulsion from the Series Location and competition and/or that Contestant’s forfeiture of the Prize and/or any other prizes, even if already awarded.” The key word, of course, is “may.”

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