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2010’s most popular reality TV stories and shows

The year is concluding (as is the decade!), so it’s time for the requisite look back at the most popular stories on reality blurred over the past year.

Despite the fact that I published, for the first time ever, the Survivor cast contract and rule book for the game, the most popular story was once again about porn. And if I hadn’t filtered out stories not published in the last year, stories about sex and nudity would dominate the list even more.

So would stories that you’d think are old news by now. Two stories published in 2009 remained very popular this year, one that reported on Biggest Loser contestants suggesting Bob Harper is gay and the other asking if Adam Lambert is gay. Newsflash: Yes, Adam is gay!

There were surprising showings, like from My Life is Liz, but unsurprisingly, the most popular pages viewed on the site this past year mostly involved the big network TV shows. Many of them may have been in a rut this past year, but people still read about them and search for them online.

The 20 Most-Popular reality blurred Stories of 2010

  1. Big Brother’s Steven Daigle doing hardcore gay porn, starring in Steven Daigle XXXposed
  2. Mary Murphy details her limited role on So You Think You Can Dance: “I’m back in the pool”
  3. Big Brother’s Brendon admits to cheating on Rachel via Skype affair, naked pic posted
  4. Survivor: 19 seasons, at least 19 naked cast members
  5. Parvati was told about Russell pre-HvV, Sugar says; Stephenie’s injury didn’t occur as shown
  6. Amazing Race 18 will be an all-star season and is now filming; teams identified
  7. Behind the scenes of the Big Brother house
  8. Mary Murphy still hasn’t been asked back to SYTYCD; her choreography will be “different”
  9. Cornelia Marie captain Phil Harris is dead
  10. Survivor rules: the contract that details pay, tie-breakers, prohibited behavior, and more
  11. Survivor Palau’s Jenn Lyon has died
  12. Images from Big Brother cast member Steven Daigle’s porn debut now online
  13. Nude pictures of Big Brother’s James Rhine posted by person who was accused of being a fraud a year ago
  14. Survivor contestant contract: the waivers, agreements that cast members, families sign
  15. Survivor 22: Russell Hantz versus Rob Mariano rumored, while Coach goes to Nicaragua, Hatch says he’ll be back
  16. Lane masturbates on Big Brother live feeds
  17. Survivor Redemption Island: season 22’s big twist
  18. Top Shot host Colby Donaldson: “I certainly don’t want to rip Probst off”
  19. Big Brother 11’s Michele is on Playboy’s sex-on-TV reality show Foursome
  20. MTV’s latest fake reality show, My Life as Liz, breaks new ground with its fakeness

The 20 Most-Popular Reality Show Pages on reality blurred in 2010

  1. Survivor (all seasons)
  2. Survivor Nicaragua
  3. The Amazing Race (all seasons)
  4. Survivor Heroes vs. Villains
  5. Big Brother (all seasons)
  6. The Real Housewives
  7. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
  8. The Real World (all seasons)
  9. The Bachelor (all seasons)
  10. The Amazing Race 17
  11. The Amazing Race 16
  12. Hell’s Kitchen (all seasons)
  13. Dancing with the Stars (all seasons)
  14. Survivor Redemption Island
  15. Project Runway (all seasons)
  16. Jersey Shore
  17. The Hills
  18. Survivor Samoa
  19. So You Think You Can Dance
  20. The Bachelor 14

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