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Nude pictures of Big Brother’s James Rhine posted by person who was accused of being a fraud a year ago

The woman who revealed she’d had an Internet affair with Big Brother 12‘s Brendon Villegas has posted and deleted images she says season six and seven houseguest James Rhine sent to her, after earlier claiming she had sex with James.

Those included one of his naked body and a photo of his erect penis. The series of tweets from Molly addressed James and included a link to photos–including one of a picture from James’ e.mail address in Molly’s Yahoo! Mail inbox–and the words “fact ,” “fact ,” and so on.

Her final tweet said, “So there we go. Don’t call me a fucking liar again. ANY of you. Christ. I don’t lie about my hook ups people. No need to.”

One tweet and screenshot survives, but the rest were apparently deleted. The Internet’s plagiarists, ONTD, have proven to be actually useful by capturing those images.

Meanwhile, people are accusing Molly of not actually being who she says she is.

Since this began last week, Molly has been under fire from people on Twitter and asked God for strength because “doing what is right isn’t always easy.” She calls herself “a victim” and defended awful tweets by insisting “the racism is just jokes.”

But there are inconsistencies in her story; she claimed to have sex with Brendon on Twitter but in an interview/statement said it was only phone sex and picture and video exchanges.

After apparently posting a now-deleted image from a cell phone, someone realized that the phone was set to ET instead of PT (Molly claims to live in Los Angeles) and she responded that it was just a joke.

Another person pointed out, “If it’s a fake, edited number, why are you threatening the people who text it?” In addition, Molly, or “Molly,” seems to admit that her primary interest is attention and additional Twitter followers: “You realize how much more attention I get by posting a fake number and an altered text, right?”

In a now-deleted Survivor Sucks thread, a poster addressed Molly as Nick and said, “When I followed you on twitter last year for laughs, you managed to get pregnant by James Rhine and then a month later you were also impregnated by a rapper. I am pretty sure that was a medical miracle.”

Meanwhile, the Reality Fan Forum members tracking/stalking the The Amazing Race‘s 16th season, which was filmed a year ago, came across sightings that prompted two people to claim that mollymshepard is a fake Twitter account that’s the product of someone who has multiple other identities online.

The first post from 2009 says that earlier that fall,

“a person started sending out tweets about Jeff to get fans panties all in a bunch, it is believed that the same person created multiple personalities and tweeted conversations amongst the personalities about some pretty raunchy things that occurred that night, obviously what they said was happening didn’t happen, they had no proof and they disappeared for the most part, that is until it was announced Jeff and Jordan were on TAR

The names I remember off the top of my head are BBNanSee, MollyMShephard, Mariasoliz, Jeannievanrhys…but there was about 20 different names, so you can look at just about any of those and see who they are tweeting with a lot and most likely it is one in the same”

Those accounts still do reference one another. The next Reality Fan Forum post said:

“BBNanSEE & jeannievanrhys are fake accounts. They are actually one of 7 fake accounts set up by one crazy person. They tweet completely false made up things about a lot of celebrities, many of them reality people, and themselves. Jeff is their newest addition. These accounts are known throughout the BB community & any tweets by them about Jeff and Jordan and TAR should be disregarded & not even acknowledged. The other accounts used by this one person (who most believe is a 15 yr old boy) are mollymshephard, jerisweetie, Mariasoliz, SallyMitchellVT, michellesexyi.

Whether Molly is real or the product of someone’s vivid and disturbed imagination may not be clear, but whoever it is managed to convince at least two reality stars to send pictures of their genitalia.

While it’d be difficult, to say the least, for a male to Skype with Brendon and convince the reality star that he is a she, in his hilarious apology video, Brendon does say that there were “three different times that I’ve been emotionally unfaithful,” but only explicitly says he Skyped with two of them, and says he exchanged photos with the third.


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