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IM conversation adds to evidence that Big Brother groupie Molly Shephard is fake

Someone has posted an IM conversation between themselves and an individual claiming to be pretending to be Molly Shephard, the Twitter user who outed Brendon Villegas’ cheating on Rachel but who has previously been accused of being a fraud.

The person who posted the conversation to Jokers Updates claims it is with “a man named Nick in his early 20s. He is in his senior year at some college in PA. He is overweight, homosexual, and has a lot of time on his hands. This is not the first time he has faked his gender in order to get men to give him masturbation material.”

The bored, fat, and gay thing seems a little contrived, but could certainly be true. On Twitter, Molly dismissed the claim that she is a he, writing, in response to a comment about the IM conversation, “LOL.. that’s real believable.”

(Update, 5:54 p.m. ET: This screenshot appears to confirm that the IM conversation itself is genuine.)

Looking to verify a connection between the IM handle, yournamehere488, and Molly Shephard, I discovered someone with the same username posted to Survivor Sucks‘ Big Brother forum last year. More damningly, someone with the same handle edited the Molly Shephard page repeatedly on the Big Brother Racism Wiki back in 2009.

If you can wade your way through dozens of LMAOs in the IM conversation, the person says (and these are multiple IMs condensed into semi-coherent sentences but otherwise left unedited), Brendon “released an apology video saying there was three. molly is claiming to be the fourth … i just made up being 1 of them and that we had sex.” The person wrote, “james DID send me nudes forever ago cuz i was faking being a girl and he pissed me off.”

Why do this? The person says “its practice for my job” which is “gonna be publicity … so i am good at generating interest.” And the conversation starts with a plea: “pls pls pls dont out me as molly this twitter ***** is too funny.”

I’d say it doesn’t make sense to confess, but it would fit with someone who’s desperate for attention; it’s hard to keep duplicity private when there’s even more attention to be had. And again, the Molly Shephard Twitter account was identified as a fake more than a year ago, long before the world had heard of Brendon or Rachel.

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