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Yigit’s win, asshole’s loss keeps Top Chef Just Desserts sweet

Top Chef Just Desserts ended its first season with a great ending: Yigit Pura won the $100,000 prize, beating both Danielle Keene and Morgan Wilson, the show’s resident asshole.

Morgan ended the series on another low note, with both violent (“I’d knock his skull right off”) and homophobic (“annoying little fairy,” “bitch,” “a little girl”) comments directed at Zac–who, yes, is annoying, but Morgan is a bully and a prick who happens to make good desserts. While Heather was able to work with him as his day-of-service sous chef, even the guest judge who served as his sous chef hated Morgan, calling him “a typical male pastry chef.” Although Morgan won more challenges than anyone, he screwed up at the end, serving fallen souffles. Giving his final recap, head judge Johnny Iuzzini was only able to praise Morgan’s ability to push himself. Awkward.

At the end, Johnny said Danielle had a “whole new level of sophistication and execution,” and told Yigit that “precision and range of techniques are your obvious strengths” and finally, “you found your balance.” Danielle’s three-course tasting menu was called “more sophisticated” by judge Dannielle Kyrillos, who’s been like the Survivor Kelly Purple of this show, appearing and disappearing randomly.

Yigit gets $100,000 from Godiva, product placement that actually makes sense. All the Dawn soap pimped this season was about the most unappetizing product placement ever, especially when it was soap with flavors, which is somehow a lot worse.

Ironically, when Bravo presented the show to TV critics in August, they sponsored a dessert break and had four chefs create desserts for us. Coincidentally, or not, they were three of the final four. SPOILER! I didn’t even realize that until today when I pulled out the four recipe cards we were given; having not yet watched the series back then, I didn’t know who they were.

We were served peach sorbet float with ginger-lime soda by Danielle, margarita truffles by Heather H., lavender pavlovas with Chinese lychee, raspberry and crystallized rose petals by Yigit, and lemon meringue pie in a glass with disco blueberries by–guess who?!–Zac.

I thought Danielle’s was easily the best–just incredible–and ironically, I thought Yigit’s dessert was by far the worst. I couldn’t even finish it. But that’s clearly because I have a shitty palate.

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