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Probst says Sash’s slip-up was “the single biggest mistake of the game so far”

In this week’s installment of Jeff Probst’s thoughts on Survivor Nicaragua, our host reveals that Sash’s slip-up at Tribal Council represents “the single biggest mistake of the game so far.” Is this a spoiler or just him stating the obvious and musing about the show?

One of the reasons why I get so frustrated with Probst’s Entertainment Weekly writing is that he writes knowing the outcome, which means he’s either actively misleading us or just being coy for no reason. So it’s hard to know how to read this, but it seems significant. Probst writes that Sash accidentally saying that he would wait until he lost faith in his alliance “was the single biggest mistake of the game so far… a simple slip of the tongue…. His Freudian slip was only damaging in that everybody heard him actually say what they were already fearing he was thinking.”

While it’s not really a surprise that Sash would be affected by this, it seems to be a pretty clear statement from Probst that this will affect Sash’s game, probably sooner than later, in a negative way (“damaging,” “biggest mistake”). So is that a spoiler, even if it is predictable? Or is Probst just making a big deal out of nothing? Also, the “so far” may be significant, either because someone else’s screw-up mitigates Sash’s error or because something else is dumber.

Meanwhile, in his one bit of insight, Probst reveals the pool that Fabio peed in was concrete and built as a result of the environment. He wrote, “Because of the rough water in Nicaragua we couldn’t do a lot of water challenges, so we built a large cement pool.”

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