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Yve blames Probst; Kelly B. just as baffled as the rest of us about NaOnka’s hatred

Kelly Bruno was bafflingly voted off of Survivor Nicaragua this week after being targeted by first NaOnka and later her team, apparently all because the triathlete has an artificial leg. Why did she get voted off instead of tribe villain Marty? And why did NaOnka hate her so much? Kelly has no idea. Meanwhile, the other contestant voted off blames Jeff Probst for her elimination.

First, Kelly told TV Guide that NaOnka’s hatred is baffling. “I will never understand why she decided to pick on me and bully me over everyone else. I don’t know if it was because of my leg or what… Especially because she’s a physical education teacher and works with kids, you would think she would have sensitivity towards that,” Kelly said, and then suggested NaOnka’s attitude affected the tribe, too. “Nonetheless, they had been influenced by her. They just generally felt concern or dislike for me and the way I was going to vote down the road. So I think a lot of them didn’t want to see me get to the merge. They were worried I wouldn’t vote for one of them or that I might be a strong competitor in a lot of the individual challenges.”

As to their physical confrontation over the immunity idol clue, Kelly told Reality TV World that NaOnka’s physicality “was uncalled for and unnecessary. My desire was to actually be [less dramatic] about it and not give away the fact that there was a clue in there and potentially share it. I tried to catch her eye a couple of times and that was clearly not her plan.” When NaOnka just attacked her instead, Kelly said, “It angered me. It angered me to watch it, I’m very pissed off about it. I just don’t think she handled it well and it was unfortunate that it just tore our tribe apart like it did.”

Meanwhile, Yve blames Jeff Probst for being voted out instead of wannabe quitter Dan. She thinks his question prompted her tribe to vote her out, even though we know she was targeted long before Tribal. Yve told TV Guide. “Quite frankly, I think Jeff threw me under the bus a little bit when he said, ‘Why wouldn’t you keep someone like Dan around? Clearly, he’s somebody you’d want to take to the end over someone who’s competitive.’ Its hurts a little bit,” she said.

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