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Sig Hansen’s brother suggests Northwestern captain may return to Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch lost its three biggest remaining stars last night when Sig Hansen, Johnathan Hillstrand, and Andy Hillstrand quit the show because the Discovery Channel sued the Hillstrands. But now, Sig’s brother suggests the Northwestern captain may stay with the show he’s been on since the pilot.

Edgar Hansen told KIRO news in Seattle that “It’s a possibility, yes. It depends on things that I probably cannot discuss at this time.” He doesn’t say anything else or clarify, and it’s possible he’s just hoping rather than talking about some real possibility since, of course, everything is possible.

If Sig leaves with the Hillstrands, that’d leave Keith Colburn and probably Josh and Jake Harris, and I’m not sure the show works with just them. Deadliest Catch has brought on other new people before, like the captain of the Kodiak this last season, but the continuity of the cast is really important, because it’s not about watching crab pot after crab pot come over the side of the ship. It’s about the people, and without them, Discovery doesn’t have a show.