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Lane uses gay slur, laughs at suggestion “8 second game” is rape; Enzo used c-word

This season of Big Brother has been mostly void of the racism, bigotry, and slurs we’ve seen on so many previous seasons, aside from unfortunate but typical sexism. However, live feed watchers report that there has been some awfulness this week from Lane Elenburg, and while he was called on his behavior by Enzo Palumbo, Enzo has previously used misogynistic language.

Lane said the word “faggot” for no apparent reason, days after laughing at suggestions that a game involving humiliating and forcibly restraining a woman during sex was a form of rape. And live feed watchers report that Enzo used the c-word to refer to Britney. Both have been portrayed on the show as being charming and funny, and none of this will ever make it onto the TV broadcast (producer Allison Grodner explains why here).

Late Friday night, Lane said “faggot men” and tried to cover by saying “maggot men” immediately afterward. He didn’t direct it at a person, but just said it. One feed watcher reports that it happened after “Hayden walked by & said ‘Mega Men Energy, Dietry [sic] Supplement.'”

A Jokers feed watcher reports that Enzo then said, “I wouldn’t say that” and “I don’t say that,” “I would never call [gay people] the f-bomb. It’s not in my vocab. Like the n-word, I’d never say that. It’s how I was raised; I was raised with a lot of people.”

The IMDB feed watcher notes that Hayden also responded, saying Lane “just lost fans,” but Lane joked, “I lost at least a thousand there.” Lane said he has gay friends and tried to dismiss it by suggesting no one saw him use the slur: “I don’t think anyone watches Showtime!” Lane also responded by telling Enzo, “You call girls pigs!”, to which Enzo replied, “Girls that are pigs–not all woman are pigs!”

But that’s not the worst thing Enzo has said about a female, and unlike Lane’s comment, it was directed at someone else. Tengaged reported late in August that Enzo “has called Britney a cunt NO LESS THAN 3 times, and — while drunk — said that if Britney nominated him, he’d slit her throat,” and on other occasions “talks about how [Ragan] is trying to turn [Matt] gay” and “talks about how [Ragan] and [Matt] suck each other’s dicks in the have-not room.” Here’s another report of Enzo calling Britney “a fucking cunt.”

Earlier, Lane suggested during a conversation with Britney and Enzo that Enzo should play the “eight second game” with his wife when they have sex. He may have been joking, though it’s not a very funny joke, and he described it in detail and with some seriousness. BB Dish transcribed the exchange, which included this:

Lane: 4 of your buddies bring a girl back..
Enzo: Oh, ok.
Lane: …and then you get her in the bed, and all of us are waitin’ at the door, and we bust in on ya, and you gotta hold the girl down for 8 seconds.
Enzo: Oh!
Lane: You know, cuz the girl’s tryin’ to squirm and tryin’ to get under the covers..
Enzo: Oh sh*t. I’m definitely gonna do that.
Lane: 8 second ___
Enzo: Oh! I wanna do that. You just hold her down? Down?
Lane: Yeah.
Enzo: Isn’t that rape?
Lane: hahahaha
Enzo: What the f–k is that, yo? Whatta you doin’, yo?
Enzo: That’s like semi-rape though… You’re in the chick, she’s tryin’ to get away..
Lane: hehehe

Britney was a participant in the conversation, eventually going back to her fallback joke and saying, “If that happened to me, I would kill myself.” But as Lane described it to Enzo, Britney helped him, saying, “you have to hold her down for 8 seconds, while she’s tryin’ to get away, so we can’t see her.” Lane said, “Like, if you were doin’ her doggie style, that’s the best, and we bust in, and you’re like ridin’ her and you gotta hold her for 8 seconds” and Britney added, “You can’t let her escape.”

While Enzo’s previous language is unacceptable, it is interesting that he actually challenged Lane twice, both here and with Lane’s use of the f-word, because often these kind of remarks go unchallenged. Last season Russell did challenge Jeff’s gay slurs, though they were edited out of the broadcast, just like all of this was and will be.

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