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Behind the scenes of the Big Brother house

The new Big Brother backyard, with the new pool, which allows producers to use that space for challenges. (Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS)

On Saturday, 20 members of the Television Critics Association toured the Big Brother house, live studio, and backstage areas. As a member of TCA, I was one of those fortunate people. After we visited the studio and back yard, executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan each took half the group, and led us through the camera ring and the house itself. Because a veto competition was being held, the cast was locked in the back yard, and thus we were able to actually go inside.

Considering the nature of the production, it was awesome of them to let us invade, and I learned a lot. I left with an even greater appreciation for the work they do, although, of course, there’s still a lot about the show that bugs me. This story details my observations about the first half of the tour: the studio, the back yard, and the backstage areas. Tomorrow, the interior of the house itself, from the hairy shower drain to its smell.

Do not copy and paste this into your message board or blog, or I will hunt you down and use your toothbrush to clean the filthy house. Feel free, of course, to link, using the handy tools at the end of the story.

Big Brother house behind the scenes

Next: We enter the house through the storage room, and invade the houseguests’ personal space without them knowing.