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Jeff and Jordan’s visit to Big Brother offers a behind-the-scenes look at the house

Jeff Schroeder is currently in Laos and heading to Bangkok, where he “needs a ride from the airport and a place to stay in Bangkok,” according to the web site for his web series Around the World for Free. But sometime after his appearance on Big Brother 12 with Jordan Lloyd, his series posted a behind the scenes video that gives a bit more insight into the soundstage location that houses the hamsters.

It’s nothing super-secret, but there is footage I’ve never seen before, including the exterior of the soundstage. The reception are where Jeff enters is where TV critics entered during our tour, too. When Jeff shows off his costume, the staircase behind him is the one that leads upstairs to the mezzanine where the control room is, and to his right is the actual house/soundstage, perhaps the Diary Room or the entrance to the storage room. (For more on the house’s layout, read this.)

In the back yard, before and during Jeff’s turn at bowling, you can also see the door open to the staging area where props are built and stored. It also gives you a better perspective of the back yard area and the wall that surrounds it, because the camera angle is often looking up at Jeff.

By the way, one thing I noticed while touring the inside of the house (and that generated a surprising amount of discussion) was the general state of disrepair of the house, which I didn’t necessarily mean as criticism; like I wrote, most sets I’ve been on are surprisingly rough around some edges, because the camera misses a lot of that. Since then, I’ve noticed on TV that you can see this on TV, primarily when the editors include shots of the visible cameras in the house. If you have a DVR, pause when they show that, and you can see everything from the paint job to the haphazard placement of the covers on the large lights that ring the house.

Anyway, I wish CBS would have aired Jeff and Jordan’s segment during the actual show, because it’s a lot more engaging and interesting than their brief appearance ended up being.

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