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Real World’s Preston peed on toothbrush to “help” Ryan with “social issues and maturity”

We’ve yet to see what happens with the already infamous toothbrush-peeing incident on The Real World New Orleans 2, but the cast member at the center of it, Preston Roberson-Charles, has offered an odd justification for his actions even while saying he “will be vindicated.”

“I think when it comes to the conflict with Ryan Leslie and I, it was his basic lack of interest in social issues and maturity. I wanted to help him with it, but he wouldn’t allow us to do that,” Preston told the Boston Herald. “When people watch what happened, I think I will be vindicated.”

He also said that “A lot of people know about the toothbrush incident, but they only got one side of the story. I’m not saying it is excusable, but you will understand the reason why I acted the way that I did.”

Meanwhile, Ashlee Feldman said that news reports about the incident, which she called “stuff circulating about Ryan in the press[,] … brought the whole house down and the vibe of the house changed.” Odd that it was news reports that did that, and not, you know, the actual incident.

Hub’s Preston, Ashlee flush out ‘Real World’ incident [Boston Herald]

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