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Saboteur twist returning; Big Brother producer loves it, thinks Brendon, Rachel will marry

The limp and rapidly deflated saboteur twist on Big Brother 12 will return in some form, and we’ll learn exactly how on tonight’s episode. The producers of the show revealed this in an interview, during which they expressed their love for the Rachel and Brendon showmance, and denied manipulating the show.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Allison Grodner said, “The saboteur may not be dead after all! You’ll find out more tonight (July 29). Make sure you watch! We loved this twist. We were hoping it would go longer. But we don’t rig this show. People accuse us of rigging this show, people accuse us of trying to manipulate things. We don’t!” Not at all.

Sequestering Annie and the other evicted houseguests, she said, has “become a safety net for us. If it plays into something, it plays into something. It may or may not.” In other words, they’ll decide when they make it up.

She also said that this twist “gave us a jolt, it was fun,” which, of course, it was not. Also not fun: Rachel and Brendon kissing, but now we know why we see so much of it: Grodner loves it. Brendon “already professed his love and they’re already planning their wedding date! Tonight he actually says ‘I love you.’ Bren-chel is in it for the long haul,” she said. “I swear, I think we may get a Big Brother wedding out of this, not to mention that Jeff and Jordan are still together. Wouldn’t that be great? And Jeff will be back too. Jeff might be spending the night in the house in a couple of weeks so look out for that!”

Finally, Grodner promises that they’ve “heard” fans who can’t stand Rachel and Hayden’s screaming in the Diary Room, which she admits was essentially coached: “It’s like, ‘give us some energy,’ and they get loud. We will tone them down.” That is one twist I look forward to.

‘Big Brother’ scoop! Producers reveal upcoming twist … and a surprise visitor [Entertainment Weekly]

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