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San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, hosting both Survivor seasons 21 and 22

This article is about seasons 21 and 22. For information about Survivor San Juan Del Sur, season 29, go here.

Both of the next two seasons of Survivor will film back-to-back on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, in San Juan del Sur.

“The beaches on Nicaragua’s southern pacific coast will become the new … [location for] the 21st and 22nd seasons,” according to press release by PRONicaragua, which calls itself as “the Nicaraguan Investment Promotion Agency.”

Some people, who don’t understand that the production and network save money by setting up base camp and other infrastructure in the same place, have been insisting that the show would not once again do back-to-back episodes in the same place, but would instead move to another country, perhaps nearby, for season 22. But as I first reported in early January, the show is staying to its back-to-back season model, even if it’s much harder on the crew. Season 22 will likely have some kind of thematic twist, potentially involving all-stars yet again. That’s what happened this past year; both seasons filmed on the very same tribe beaches.

For Survivor Nicaragua, the show will use the “beaches of San Juan del Sur, in” Rivas, and “will have a big impact on Nicaragua’s tourism sector and its economy, generating approximately 200 jobs during the six month period in which it will be produced,” the press release said. San Juan del Sure is on the Pacific Ocean side of the country, the opposite side of the country from the international productions filming on and near the Pearl Cays and Big Corn Island.

CBS’ official announcement said nothing of the exact filming location, of course, and that makes even more sense because this location appears to be the most accessible of any in recent years. It’s surprisingly touristy, which suggests the production will actually use beaches nearby, assuming this whole press release–such a revealing, public statement is unusual, to say the least–isn’t some spectacular ploy on CBS’ part to deflect attention from wherever they are actually filming. Here’s a guide to the region; most of the photos of the area make it look like a pretty typical Survivor location. There is a whale watching point nearby.

If you live in Nicaragua or are going on vacation there, send me your reports or photographs from the location.

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