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Parvati says advance knowledge of Russell is “ridiculous”; Russell beat Rupert for $100K by just 2,000 votes

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains runner-up Parvati Shallow denied Sugar Kiper’s accusation that Parvati learned about Russell Hantz before the season began.

Parvati told Reality TV World, “That’s ridiculous. She would do anything to keep her name in the news. She was the first person voted off and she wants to extend her 15 minutes or get her picture taken or something. No. That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. I don’t even go to any of the Survivor events. I’m never involved in Survivor unless I’m playing the game or at the finale. So honestly, it’s just a ludicrous claim that anyone could even say that.

Although Sugar’s discussion of that was the most high-profile discussion of that rumor, it’s not the only source of it. There’s been conversation among cast members, in addition to rumors online, including an extensive story/conspiracy theory that suggests Parvati went to Samoa during season 19 and was shown footage there.

While the theory doesn’t mention Russell knowing Parvati, too, he also denied it. “I didn’t even know Parvati. I’d seen her on TV. That’s all I knew about her. And in 10 days I was back on the island. I didn’t have time to take a crap! (laughing) I didn’t know Parvati. I heard that myself. That’s bull crap,” Russell said. (By the way, he also addresses his final episode comment that suggested he knew he didn’t win the game: “When you’re sitting there at Tribal, you read people. You know what’s going on. If you’re pretty good at reading people — which I am — I knew it.”)

Oddly, however, in their interview with Reality TV World, both Candice and Danielle responded “can’t answer that” when asked about Russell and Parvati’s pre-season knowledge of one another. The site added in a note that a CBS spokesperson said, “It’s not that they can’t answer, it’s that they didn’t want to answer.” Why wouldn’t they want to answer? Protecting someone?

In any case, that’s about as much as we’ll probably every know about this. And at least Reality TV World brought it up, which is better than the morons who asked questions such as, “Did you have a wild Survivor party last night?”

Meanwhile, in his final EW column, which is always so insightful (“To those of you who think I suck as a host or as a blogger… kiss it”), Jeff Probst reveals that Russell’s responses to Probst’s questions finally made Probst change his mind about Russell. And more interestingly, writes that “Less than 2,000 votes separated” Russell and Rupert” for the $100,000 fan favorite prize.

I understand why people voted for Russell, even if I think that’s dumb, but Rupert? What the hell did he do this season? Parvati, or Courtney, or Jerri, or Rob–so many others would have been better choices.

Parvati Shallow talks about ‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains’, Russell Hantz discusses ‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains’, and Danielle DiLorenzo talks ‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains’ [Reality TV World]

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