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Top Chef Masters preview spoils episode

Bravo had a special punishment last night for those who watch commercials and don’t fast-forward through them: a preview for next week’s Top Chef Masters gave away the results of the episode that was currently airing, one that featured the cast of Modern Family.

In the preview, annoying Bravo voiceover guy (his voice inexplicably transitions from nasal and annoying to crazy annoying with some echo/auto-tune/treble effect) says, “Next Wednesday, the real competition begins with the first champions’ round.”

As he said that, a few of the chefs were shown, starting with Jody Adams, who appeared in last night’s episode for the first time. However, she won the “high stakes” Quickfire (not sure why a non-Las Vegas season has a “high stakes” challenge, but I digress) and was sent directly to the champions’ round, which starts next week, so her appearance in the trailer wasn’t a spoiler.

But Susur Lee was also shown twice in the preview, once in a close-up, and once working on some kind of tower of food. The episode returned to the Critics’ Table, but the network had just given away who won, eliminating tension for anyone who saw that preview. He did end up receiving the highest elimination round score in the history of the spin-off series, 19.5 stars.

Bravo’s promos have always been horrifyingly bad, especially when they lie and say something like “and every Monday, catch a new Kell on Earth” but air that weeks or months before the show actually debuts. And don’t get me started on the awful voiceover man or their new branding campaign that looks like an excuse for someone who just found clip art in Microsoft Word to play around.

This was likely just a screw up, but it should be a wake-up call for the network to rethink its promos.

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