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Trump: Amazing Race “doesn’t deserve” its Emmys

Apprentice star Donald Trump says that another Sunday night reality series, The Amazing Race, doesn’t deserve its seven Emmys for best reality competition series.

“It’s a shame that ‘Amazing Race’ keeps winning, because it doesn’t deserve to win it. It wins every year because they know how to politic the Emmys,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “They’ve lost credibility. Instead of shows that deserve to win, they pick ‘Amazing Race.’ It’s a very sad commentary.” He referenced his 2004 Emmy nomination for The Apprentice and said, “I was standing up to go down there and pick up the Emmy. Incredible. It’s a joke. If the Emmys want their ratings back, they have to pick shows that deserve it.”

Last fall, Survivor host Jeff Probst said something similar, insisting TAR should withdraw from the competition. Although Trump’s a blowhard, I agree with both of them. The Amazing Race absolutely deserves its early wins, but the CBS reality competition has now won seven consecutive Emmys. Seven! It remains an impressive production, but its quality has decreased while innovative, high-quality, deserving shows get ignored because Emmy voters don’t care about the category, or just keep voting for the same show, or don’t watch reality TV.

However, I doubt that Trump being Trump is going to do much to change their mind. In fact, it’ll probably have the opposite effect.

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