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The Hills will actually end after its sixth season

After threatening/promising to go away more than once, MTV’s The Hills will actually end its run after its sixth season airs starting April 27.

“We are lucky and honored to have worked with this cast and tell their stories for this long, and we are grateful to the many dedicated fans who have stuck with us over the years,” MTV president Tony DiSanto said in a statement. “We owe it to those fans, the cast and the show to go out on a high note. And this season will deliver on that goal in terms of drama, story, real emotion and an organic culmination of this saga.”

As long as it doesn’t end in an organic culmination from Spencer Pratt, or anything involving Spencer Pratt, that will be a high note.

Executive producer and creator Adam DiVello said, “I think we’ve told the story of struggle and of finding yourself in L.A. A lot of these kids have found themselves and have certainly embarked on different careers and different paths.” Don’t forget that those careers haven’t really been featured on the reality series that purported to show the reality of their lives. However, executive producer Liz Gateley told Entertainment Weekly that Kristin’s drama will be part of the show: “we’re definitely going to cover that part of Kristin. We’re pretty much covering everything you’ve read [about in the tabloids].”

The sixth season will include some additional reality, like Heidi Montag revealing her plastic surgery to her parents. “We pick right up where Heidi goes and sees her parents. And our cameras are there that minute the mother opens the door and sees her daughter for the first time,” DiVello said. Executive producer Liz Gateley said, “It’s a really touching but heartbreaking scene to watch.”

As to Spencer Pratt’s mysterious departure from the series mid-production, DiVello would only say, vaguely, “Spencer is dealing with some stuff right now, and once he gets through that, we’ll be back to shooting with Spencer again. Bottom line is you will see him. He’ll be in most of the episodes.”

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