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Jake Harris arrested for DUI; Deadliest Catch producers have footage of Phil in the hospital

Deadliest Catch cast member Jake Harris was arrested for DUI Thursday night. He “was arrested and booked into the King County jail on suspicion of DUI, hit-and-run and driving with a suspended license,” KOMO reported, adding that police “said Harris’ vehicle rear-ended another car then fled the scene of the crash” earlier in the evening. He “reportedly told troopers at the time of his arrest that he was late for a Discovery Channel dinner.”

Jake is the younger son of Phil Harris, who died earlier this month. In an unrelated story, executive producer Thom Beers told the Los Angeles Times that Phil’s sons “are holding up as much as possible. It’s been tough. They’re a little rudderless right now. He ran that ship and now they’re having to deal with it themselves. The question now is whether the boys will continue to follow in the footsteps and what their plans are. That’s what the off-season is going to be — they’ll have to figure it out and we’ll be there to support them whatever they decide.”

Beers also said that Phil was filmed by Original Productions’ camera crews while he was in the hospital, but added, “We don’t really know exactly how we’re going to handle the hospital material right now. We really don’t. But we do now [sic] that he’s represented throughout the entire new season. We’ll work with the boys and his family and decide what is tasteful obviously, what’s right and what’s appropriate. We want to celebrate his life, not his death.”

In the hospital, Phil wrote a note to the crew that said, “We gotta have a great ending to this story.”

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