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Biggest Loser 9 debuts as Jillian Michaels says she’s bisexual (without using that word)

The Biggest Loser‘s ninth season and third couples season debuts tonight at 8 p.m. ET, consuming a now-normal two-hour timeslot that allows for plenty of product placement and plenty of time for Alison Sweeney to awkwardly say her lines.

The new cast includes the three fattest people ever, including a 526-pound man, and in a Ladies Home Journal profile, both Jillian Michaels and a producer say they “worry” about having increasingly large contestants. “The contestants keep getting bigger and bigger,” she said. “As the trainers we have no say over the challenges. We worry about them, too.”

Executive producer Todd Nelson agreed, saying, “We all worry. You’re setting yourself up for failure if you don’t.” But he says they learn from past experiences “and this allows us to fine-tune the process and reach out to a heavier population.” Jillian also said, “The Biggest Loser is like a funhouse mirror. I’ve loved the show and the platform it has given me, but still, it is the nature of reality TV to manipulate. You never see what’s going on in its entirety. For every 10 minutes we’re on the show, acting like insane people, there are a hundred hours of training you don’t see. The stretching, the icing. Nobody wants to watch that.”

Also in the magazine’s profile of her, Jillian gives weight-loss advice (“Look, it’s simple math. You run, you burn 500 calories; you eat a slice of pizza, you’re fucked.”) and talks about previous jobs, from bartending “at 17, with a fake ID” to opening Sky Sport & Spa with Work Out‘s Jackie Warner.

Finally, Jillian said she’s bisexual without using the word “bisexual,” as she she’s open to a romantic relationship with either men or women. She said, “Let’s just say I believe in healthy love. If I fall in love with a woman, that’s awesome. If I fall in love with a man, that’s awesome. As long as you fall in love…it’s like organic food. I only eat healthy food, and I only want healthy love!”

Jillian Michaels: The Queen of Lean [Ladies Home Journal]

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