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Danny wins Biggest Loser after shedding 55.58 percent of his weight; Subway bribes Shay

The Biggest Loser 8 ended last night, and transformed Danny Cahill was declared with winner for losing 55.58 percent of his body weight and 239 pounds. He said that when he’s in the gym or walking down the street, “no one knows who I am” now because he looks so different.

In a cleverly illustrative yet still somewhat freaky use of footage filmed in front of a green screen at the start of the season, the finalists walked out onto the stage alongside their fatter selves. A similarly transformed Rudy Pauls lost 52.94 percent of his body weight, while Amanda received viewers’ votes to make it into the finale, but losing 34.8 percent of her body weight was only good enough to land her third place, and ultimately in the bottom of the pack compared to everyone who lost weight at home.

Rebecca was the eliminated contestant who won $100,000, as she lost 49.92 percent of her body weight. Daniel, who got to participate in two back-to-back seasons, went from 454 at the start of last season to 312 at the start of this season down to 201 today.

The heaviest person ever, Shay, lost 172 pounds, or 36.13 percent of her body weight. Because Shay “amazed and inspired” people and “changed all of our lives,” as Alison Sweeney said, she got some Subway product placement–I mean, a promise/bribe that she’d get $1,000 for every pound she loses between now and the season nine finale in May. There was also an extended ad for General Mills which was about their charity work to feed hungry people, a worthy endeavor, but the General Mills porn–lingering logo shots, people passing cereal down a line with the box front carefully facing the camera–was heavy-handed. No surprise there.

Alison Sweeney survived attempting to host live for an entire two hour finale, during which she wrangled the contestants, who often couldn’t hear her and/or ignored her. Also during the two hours, Antoine proposed to Alexandra, which was nice and all, but the finale proposal has become pretty cliche.

Here’s how much weight the cast lost:

  1. Danny 430 to 191, 239 pounds lost, 55.58 percent
  2. Rudy 442 to 208, 234 pounds lost, 52.94 percent
  3. Rebecca 279 to 140, 139 pounds lost, 49.82 percent
  4. Tracey 250 to 132, 115 pounds lost, 47.2 percent
  5. Julio 407 to 227, 180 pounds lost, 44.23 percent
  6. Abby 247 to 147, 100 pounds lost, 40.49 percent
  7. Antoine 367 to 215, 152 pounds lost, 41.42 percent
  8. Shay 476 to 304, 172 pounds lost, 36.13 percent
  9. Allen 325 to 209, 116 pounds lost, 35.69 percent
  10. Daniel 312 to 201, 111 pounds lost, 35.58 percent
  11. Sean 444 to 289, 155 pounds lost, 34.91 percent
  12. Amanda 250 to 163, 87 pounds lost, 34.8 percent
  13. Liz 267 to 176, 91 pounds lost, 34.08 percent
  14. Dina 253 to 174, 79 pounds lost, 31.23 percent
  15. Alexandra 309 to 218, 91 pounds lost, 29.45 percent
  16. Coach Mo 355 to 263, 92 pounds lost, 25.92 percent

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