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Meghan, Cheyne cocky (“we’re the best team ever”); were 10 minutes ahead of Sam, Dan, who explain blurring, are okay with edit

Ugh: Meghan and Cheyne are absurdly cocky about their Amazing Race 15 win, and if there’s anything that can make me like someone less, it’s arrogant cockiness. Meanwhile, Sam and Dan, who annoyed us all season with their bickering and were edited to be the villains, are okay with and humble about the way they were portrayed.

First, here’s Cheyne: “Everything fell into place and I think it’s cool that people think we’re the best Amazing Race team ever,” he told TV Guide. In Cheyne’s defense, he’s using TV Guide writer Joyce Eng’s words from her question (“…fans are saying you’re one of the best teams ever, if not the best.”), but he could have responded in a slightly more humble way. And please: I can’t imagine that even people who wanted them to win think they’re “the best team ever.” Maybe I’m just blinded by their blandness.

Meghan and Cheyne won with a very small lead, relatively speaking. Cheyne said that, for the final chip-counting task, “Sam and Dan got there 10 minutes before Brian and Ericka, and they got there five minutes before us. … We lost about 10 minutes trying to find the Monte Carlo.”

At least Cheyne is grounded about the prize money–and funny about his hair. “It’s not that much money. A lot of people would just jump and buy a new car or a couple of new cars — go buy a bunch of new shit. But I think we’re really going to just try and live a comfortable life, probably purchase a house and invest the rest of what we have,” he told Reality TV World. And he said his hair is “all natural, baby! [Laughs] No. We went through an airport and they tried to take my hairspray, which is wax because wax doesn’t really come out when it gets wet. But the airport security took my wax, so I sprayed about three-quarters of the can into my hair and said, ‘Well, hopefully it’ll stay for the rest of the trip!’ And it did!”

Runners-up Sam and Dan McMillen said that their villain edit–even other teams admitted conflict with Sam and Dan wasn’t significant–was ultimately okay. Dan told After Elton, “We were a little upset when they first started editing us as the villains, but then we got over it. And the way they made it look like we argued so much when other teams argued just as much. I guess it’s a little bit of a bummer because that’s a little misleading, but we are not at all upset at being the villains or anything like that just because it was so fun. We added the drama the show needs. It was really cool to play that role.”

Dan–who answered most of the questions and sounds a lot smarter than he did on the show, says that “usually it’s the second or third place team [who are edited as villains]. People are happy when they get beat, so that could have something to do with it.” Wow: that’s quite insightful. He also has a good attitude about his stupidity, blaming it on the editing (“They edited us to look like the airheads, and that’s fine”) but saying, “We have no desire to say, ‘We’re smart, not really stupid,’ because it was those funny little mistakes along the race that made it really charming and personal for us.”

Meanwhile, Sam told After Elton that watching themselves bicker non-stop “definitely did make us a little more conscious of how we treat each other […] but it doesn’t change the fact that we’re still going to bicker and argue.”

Sam also solves the biggest mystery of the season, explaining why CBS blurred their bulges during the mud volleyball challenge. “Cheyne had black boxers on so you couldn’t see everything for him. Dan had lighter-colored boxers on, I had paper-thin little shorts on, and so you could just see too much. Apparently, the outline was too obvious, so they had to blur everything. No, we were not getting excited by the Estonian hotties, despite what everyone else seems to think. There’s not too much that’s erotic about playing volleyball with your brother in a little town in Estonia,” he said.

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