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Brian, Ericka had bad chip dealer, wine with Wayne Newton; editing lied about Ericka’s mom

Third-place Amazing Race team Brian and Ericka have revealed that, despite Ericka’s meltdown, the Cirque challenge was not what caused them to lose the race, it was counting poker chips–and perhaps it wasn’t even their fault.

Brian told Reality TV World that they had “some issues in the poker room with the counter of the chips, with the dealer” because they “unfortunately picked the one that didn’t know how to count too well. She made a couple mathematical errors.” He also suggested that he can’t talk about it for some mysterious reason: “I can’t go into too much detail.”

They did finish the task “went and saw Wayne Newton, had a glass of wine with him on the piano for a little bit, and made our way to his house,” as Brian said, although they still checked in just 20 minutes after the brothers.

As to their frequent conflict, Brian said that it’s the reverse of their normal behavior (“she’s more calm and I’m a little more frazzled”) and that it helped them work through problems: “I think you need to settle your differences, settle your problems right up front, and what a better place to do it then in front of everybody. A way to humble yourself, right? But we learned a lot about each other, but the best thing is we grew a lot. We’re still growing. We’re not perfect. I think that came across on the race pretty nicely,” he said.

Ericka said her mother “put in a call to us as soon as the episode was over and she was very emotional. She said she has definitely evaluated his character in watching him throughout the race and how he takes care of me. She’s very proud of us and was very happy to accept him for who he is.”

But Brian said that the editing–which has annoyingly and deliberately distorted a lot of reality this season–misled viewers about why Ericka’s mom has a problem with him. “One thing that bothered me with the editing was when they said that Ericka’s mom doesn’t like me because I’m white. I never said that. What I actually said was, ‘Ericka’s mom doesn’t like me, not because I’m white, but because of status issues and separation issues with her daughter.’ They just took that out and they cut it to where it said, ‘Ericka’s mom doesn’t like me…’ cut… ‘because I’m white.'”

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