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2009’s most popular reality TV stories and shows

As 2009 draws to a close, here’s a look back at the most popular pages on reality blurred over the past year, as determined by the popularity of individual stories and show-specific archive pages.

While Marcus Lehman’s penis was the most popular story last year, it was curiosity about what Adam Lambert does with his that was this year’s most read story on reality blurred. In fact, four of the top five stories were about what reality TV stars do with their penises, so while accusations I’m crotch-obsessed may be true, I’m in good company with the rest of the world.

The list of popular stories below does include non-porn stories, thankfully, and represents only those stories I wrote this year, because if I didn’t filter out previous years’ stories, Marcus and Tonya Cooley and other appearances of genitalia would dominate every year.

The 20 Most-Popular reality blurred Stories of 2009

  1. Is Adam Lambert gay? Photos of him making out with men, video comments say yes [American Idol 8]

  2. Danny Gokey on wife’s death: “I apologize to everybody if they feel like it’s shoved down their face”
    [American Idol 8]
  3. Former contestants suggest Bob Harper is gay [The Biggest Loser]
  4. Chef Academy’s Emmanuel DelCour is porn star Jean Val Jean [Chef Academy]
  5. Big Brother’s Braden Bacha showed his penis, inability to act on gay TV show Dante’s Cove [Big Brother 11]

  6. Benjamin Wade fired as college soccer coach
    [Survivor Tocantins]
  7. Bachelor 13 winner may have been revealed in the show’s preview [The Bachelor 13]
  8. VH1’s sex addict rehab show now filming, Dr. Drew says [Sex Rehab]
  9. Susan Boyle shocks Simon Cowell, everyone on Britain’s Got Talent 3’s first episode [Britain’s Got Talent]
  10. Russell Hantz: “I control every aspect of my life: … my family, … my job, even my friends” [Survivor Samoa]
  11. Jeff Schroeder uses gay slurs on Big Brother [Big Brother 11]
  12. Jordan Lloyd uses, apologizes for gay slurs on Big Brother 11 [Big Brother 11]
  13. Xscape’s Kandi Burruss joins Real Housewives of Atlanta, and so may Big Poppa [Real Housewives of Atlanta]
  14. CBS’ There Goes the Neighborhood encloses families behind 20-foot wall; hosted by Idol’s Matt Rogers [There Goes the Neighborhood]
  15. Molly and Jason still together; Molly gets free airline tickets to visit him [The Bachelor 13]
  16. Mary Carey returns to porn in Celebrity Pornhab with Dr. Screw [Celebrity Rehab]
  17. TAR 14 teams include nude model, three gay men [The Amazing Race 14]
  18. Heroes and villains all-stars, return to Samoa both confirmed for Survivor 20 [Survivor Heroes vs. Villains]
  19. Bachelor 13’s shocking, “fabricated” ending revealed, won’t happen until the reunion [The Bachelor 13]
  20. College Hill’s Dorion Standberry nude pictures posted online [College Hill]

The 20 Most-Popular Reality Shows on reality blurred in 2009

  1. Survivor Tocantins
  2. The Real Housewives
  3. Big Brother 11
  4. The Amazing Race 14
  5. The Bachelor 13
  6. Survivor (all seasons)
  7. American Idol 8
  8. Survivor Samoa
  9. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
  10. Big Brother (all seasons)
  11. Dancing with the Stars 8
  12. Real World/Road Rules Challenges
  13. Celebrity Rehab
  14. Project Runway 6
  15. The Amazing Race (all seasons)
  16. The Hills
  17. The Real World (all seasons)
  18. The Celebrity Apprentice (all seasons)
  19. The Bachelor (all seasons)
  20. Jon & Kate Plus Eight

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