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Dating shows get more absurd: Conveyor Belt of Love, Frank the Entertainer…Basement Affair

Two new dating shows are pushing the limits of ridiculousness, because one takes place on a conveyor belt, and the other in the bachelor’s parents’ basement.

First, VH1’s next trashy dating show will literally take place in a basement. The show stars I Love New York‘s Frank Maresca, and was called The Entertainer of Love after his nickname, but VH1 has renamed it Frank the Entertainer … in a Basement Affair to reflect the fact that the 15 women who will date him “will be living in Frank’s parents’ house,” VH1 says, because “Mom Susan and Dad Gary are so desperate to have 32 year old Frank move out of their basement that they have decided to make finding Frank love a family affair. The girls will have to compete for Franks love, and follow Mom and Dad’s house rules if they want to stay in the house.”

Instead of roses, the women who stay get keys to the basement. Really.

Meanwhile, ABC has announced Conveyor Belt of Love, which is exactly what it sounds like. It debuts after The Bachelor, which itself has a ridiculous subtitle (“On the Wings of Love”), and will follow five women who get to pick from 30 men as they go by on a conveyor belt and get 60 seconds to impress the women. The show is from Endemol, which produced a version of it in the UK.

ABC’s announcement explains the rules: “If a woman is interested in someone, that man will step aside and wait as the rest of the men go by. But if another man comes by on the belt who seems better than that woman’s first choice, she can swap out the man waiting off of the belt as many times as she wants until the last man has passed by. If two or more of the women are interested in the same man, the tables turn and the man on the conveyor belt gets to choose which one he would like to wait for.”

The show is just a one-hour special now, but there’s a chance it could become a series, never mind all the possibilities for spin-offs: The Sushi-Go-Round of Love, The Lazy Susan of Love, and The Dry Cleaner Rack of Love.

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