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Pilot Jake Pavelka will be the 14th bachelor in The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love (gag)

For its 14th season, which debuts next year, The Bachelor will continue to to follow the VH1 model by finding its stars in the cesspool of its previous seasons. The next bachelor is The Bachelorette 5 Jillian Harris reject Jake Pavelka, who may be best known as the guy who returned to accuse Wes of having a girlfriend.

That was revealed on Dancing with the Stars‘ results show last night, which was worth watching only to see the expression on Tom Bergeron’s face when he said the absurdly cheesy name the producers gave this season: The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. Since this is a reference to Jake’s job as a pilot, is it really romantic to be out on the wings, getting bugs in your face and possibly sucked into an engine?

Reality Steve, who’s a perpetual pain in the producers’ ass, guessed late last month that Jake would be cast, and writes that while he originally thought Jake was “too cheesy and corny” to carry a season, Steve claims Jake “will do anything those producers tell him to do” and “will be putty in ABC’s hands. The guy wants it so bad that he’s willing do whatever they tell him. Don’t fall for the, ‘Oh gosh golly darn gee’ routine that he layed on thick last season. The guy had a plan from the get go, and it looks like it’s gonna pan out for him.”

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