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Zev, Justin only had 26 minutes to find passport; went to therapy; Zev rejected prize

Some interesting information surfaced in two post-Amazing Race 15 interviews with the tragically eliminated Zev and Justin: they only had 26 minutes to find their lost passports; Phil told them they won motorcycles for coming in first, motorcycles Sam and Dan will presumably receive; and the two went to therapy pre-season to learn how to be more effective.

When they went to search for their passport, they never even made it back to the monkey Roadblock. Justin told Reality TV World that “There wasn’t that much time difference between the first-place team and last-place team,” and Zev said “It was only like 26 minutes.” Justin added, “We were on our way back [to the Roadblock] and [Marian and Tiffany] checked-in so they called our [production] team that was with us and said at that point it was too late.” (The passport actually was at that Roadblock.)

As to the time difference, Zev said something curious in the same interview: “I didn’t think there would be as much downtime as we had. We only raced like one to three hours a day and then the rest is interviews and downtime.” Even if he’s counting waiting in airports and at equalizers as “downtime,” that’s still pretty amazing.

One of the reasons why Zev and Justin were such a great team may have had to do with their preparation. Justin told TV Guide, “We wanted to avoid the pratfalls of having animosity toward each other, so we went to therapy with Zev’s shrink before the race and talked about how we were going to cooperate and I think it really worked. One of the things we said was that no matter what happened, we would be good to each other and keep calm. That was the only thing we could control.”

As to their prize, Zev said, “What am I going to do with a motorcycle? My mom’s not going to let me drive a motorcycle.” Justin said, “I don’t think anyone’s ever rejected a prize before, but that’s what he did. But I don’t think we’ll be getting those motorcycles. I don’t think you’ll be seeing us riding on [Highway] 1 with wind blowing in our hair.

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