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Bob and Jillian will work together, not compete, on The Biggest Loser 8

After essentially competing against one another for six seasons on The Biggest Loser, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels will work together to train this season’s contestants, who will not be divided into teams, nor will they have to choose a trainer.

Jillian, who said she was “very unhappy” last season, said it “really sucks” that they’ve had to compete in the past, and “this is how the show should have been since its onset. I can’t imagine not working together.” She said that during a conference call with reporters, according to Reality TV World, and added, “We have the same ideas and beliefs about where [the contestants] should end up. We have different approaches on how to get there. And I think that we are complementary to each other.”

Bob told reporters, “That’s why it’s like it’s so great and refreshing to see the two of us working together because the competition gets put back into the contestant’s hand and it leaves Jillian and I just to focus on what we need to do and that is to help these guys get their lives back.”

Executive producer Mark Koops said, “It feels so fresh and I think adds another new layer to the show. I think it further elevates the show. Watching Bob and Jillian — who I believe to be the world’s two best trainers — working hand in hand, these 16 people who came to the ranch this season… they got the benefits of both trainers as many contestants haven’t. I’ll think you’ll see from the results that they really benefited from that.”

Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper dish on ‘The Biggest Loser’s new season [Reality TV World]

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