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TAR 15’s Garrett and Jessica are engaged, Eric and Lisa left post-elimination sequester

Distressing and delusional post-episode news and comments from the four eliminated The Amazing Race 15 cast members: Garrett Paul and Jessica Stout are engaged, Jessica defends Garrett’s anger and their relationship, and yoga teachers Eric and Lisa Paskel say they don’t care they got eliminated. Alas.

First, Garrett told TV Guide that he reacted the way he did during the elimination because he “was pissed” about the elimination because the race “was like a fast-moving tour group,” but Jessica makes excuses for him: “I’ve been reading some stuff and everyone’s focusing on that. I probably would’ve reacted just like Garrett did, but I was in shock because I couldn’t believe we were at the Pit Stop and getting eliminated. It would be normal for anyone to react like that, given the Race and how it had been so far since it was so different from other Races in the past.”

Yes, so normal that Phil Keoghan, the host of the show who’s seen dozens of those eliminations, pointed out how angry Garrett was.

Garett said, “I actually brought a ring with me on the Race and I proposed after we got eliminated,” but then he blames the producers for including something he said: “What was lame was that — I basically said that comment at the end, like, ‘Oh, I don’t know if we’re closer to marriage,’ kind of to throw off Jess more than anything because I wanted it to be an extra surprise. … I asked producers not to put that in — and they knew we were engaged — but they put it in anyway.”

Yes, everything is always everyone else’s fault. Meanwhile, Jessica calls reaction to their relationship “laughable.” Ha ha.

Meanwhile, Eric and Lisa Paskel, the yoga idiots who said on the mat that they were helping everyone else by getting eliminated, say their elimination didn’t matter–so much so that they bailed on the post-race sequester, so they won’t be on the finale. Eric told TV Guide that their elimination “was no big deal for us because we have what matters. Our life is full of such wonder and goodness that it would really be disrespectful to the people we love, to the things we have, to the experiences we’ve been through to be caught up in not getting a freakin’ license plate.” He adds, “We were also the first team to ever leave the show too. We didn’t go to Elimination Station [where eliminated teams are sequestered for the duration of production]. We took off and went to India.”

Lisa claims the couple has received “thousands of e-mails and Facebook [messages] in the last 24 hours of people just saying how we taught them so much, how to skin their knees and get back up with dignity.”

They are using that dignity in a pilot for a reality show. Eric explains: “We’re just finishing up a contract with Leftfield Pictures that is going to be producing a pilot for us called The Ordinary Gurus. It’s going to be a day in the life of the Paskel family. We have four yoga studios and a fifth that will be opening in Studio City, and dozens and dozens of teachers, employees. It will be Intervention meets Work Out meets The Osbournes.”

Minus the viewers.

Amazing Race’s Garrett and Jessica Eliminated, But Engaged and Amazing Race’s Eric and Lisa: Quickie Elimination Was “No Big Deal” [TV Guide]

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