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Chargers’ Merriman arrested for choking Tila Tequila, says he was “trying to help” drunk Tila

Chargers linebacker was arrested “early Sunday morning for allegedly choking, restraining and throwing MTV star Tila Tequila to the ground as she tried to leave his Poway home,” the San-Diego Union Tribune reports.

But Merriman told the paper he was attempting to stop her from driving drunk. “I was trying to help her, not hurt her. I’m still glad I did what I did,” he told the paper.

The A Shot of Love star, who’s real name is Tila Nguyen, “signed a citizen’s arrest complaint charging Merriman with battery and false imprisonment,” according to the paper. A San Diego County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson told the L.A. Times that Tila “was pretty adamant that we [sic] was going to sign a citizen’s arrest. She also wanted to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.”

According to the Times, Tila’s lawyer, Scott E. Leemon, said in a statement, “Due to the serious nature of this matter, and out of respect for all domestic violence victims and defendants, Ms. Nguyen and her representatives will not be publicly addressing the facts and circumstances of the incident.”

But Tila posted to Twitter about it, at least before hiding her Twitter account. According to Radar, she posted several notes, including one that said, “I am allergic to alcohol. It has been publicly known for years. That is how I got the name Tila ‘Tequila’ cuz the irony. I can’t drink.”

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