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Jeff Schroeder uses gay slurs on Big Brother

Update: On season 13, two years after this incident, Jeff Schroeder went on a homophobic rant.

In addition to Braden Bacha’s use of an ethnic slur for Latinos, another houseguest has used bigoted language: Chicago ad salesman Jeff Schroeder used derogatory terms for gay people, repeatedly referring to two other houseguests with derogatory language, both in these clips and elsewhere.

In an backyard fight this weekend, after Russell mocked him for being a “dumbass,” Jeff said to Russell, “way to show your true colors, fag.” Russell replied, “Hey, why do you hate on gay people, one? Why do you hate on gay people? If you want to call me a bitch, call me a bitch, but that’s just kind of stupid.” Jeff replied, “That is pretty much calling you a bitch, man, [indecipherable] gay people.”

Here’s that:

Apparently sometime after that fight–I haven’t been watching the feeds and/or After Dark to understand the exact timeline–Jeff goes off on Russell when Russell is not around. At the end of a torrent of profanity, Jeff said, “Go upstairs and fucking jerk off Jessie, you fucking homo.” Again, Russell isn’t there.

In a separate clip, showing Jeff talking to Lydia, she said, “Isn’t it great how they’re like boyfriend/girlfriend?”, obviously meaning to demean the two men even though in the same sentence she talks about wanting to align with Kevin, the actually gay houseguest. Then Jeff said, again talking about both Russell and Jessie, “Fuck you, you fucking homo faggot” and “you fucking jealous fags,” throwing in a “you fucking fags” later.

Here are those two clips:


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