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Braden Bacha uses a racial slur during fight

Big Brother 11 has joined the CBS reality seres’ long and sordid history of horrifically racist and otherwise awful houseguest comments, as Braden Bacha used a racial slur against two houseguests, Lydia and Kevin, earlier today, and he also threw in some vaguely homophobic comments.

At first, it seemed like the biggest news from the house would be Russell showing his penis to the world, which illustrates why he’s known as “the love muscle.” But Braden, best known so far for his naked acting in a supernatural gay drama, unleashed a tirade when he confronted Lydia and Kevin for “the way you sold me out” (he’s referring to post-veto game play, so if you don’t want Tuesday’s episode to be spoiled, don’t watch and stop reading now.)

First Braden calls Lydia a “bitch” and a “skank,” and when Kevin says it was his suggestion that Braden be nominated post-veto, Braden says, “you can put [a tattoo] on your cock.” Kevin calls Braden a “fucking asshole.” Braden’s intelligent retort is to tell Kevin to “just stick a banana up your ass,” and then Braden says, “What the fuck are you? You’re a fucking Mexican from San Diego,” and then says, “I don’t fucking care, you’re a fucking beaner. Go home.”

Lydia yells at him, so Braden says, “I don’t fucking care. I’m fucking white and American,” and he adds, “Yeah, you’re all beaners.”

Lydia screams, “kiss my Latin fucking ass. You’re so cool, you’re such a celebrity–fuck you, you fucking motherfucker.” Apparently referring to moving his stuff from his bed in the pool room, she says, “I will move your goddamn raft, dickbag.” That’s pretty much a great word to describe Braden.

Later, there were related fights, like this one between Jordan and Lydia, with Kevin as a bystander, and also an argument between Kevin and Jeff, when Kevin told Jeff, “you’re aligning yourself with a motherfucking bigot” and “you’re chilling with a bigot,” which Jeff dismisses by saying, “he’s leaving.”

Here’s Braden’s tirade:

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