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American Idol 8 semi-finalist Ju’Not Joyner says the show is “fixed,” provides no evidence

American Idol 8 semi-finalist Ju’Not Joyner says the show is “fixed” but offered little more than complaints about the show’s contract, which has always been something former contestants have complained about and been criticized for its restrictiveness.

In a chat with AI Now, Ju’Not said he thinks he was sent eliminated during the semi-final round and not brought back for the wild card round because he questioned the show’s contract:

I debated on telling this but, the hell with it. They pay for our lawyers to negotiate against their lawyer (which is BS). They make us COLLECTIVELY choose the lawyer, then they act like it’s in our best interest. Craziest stuff i’ve ever seen. I have a son to feed. I HAD to ask questions and know what I was signing. Plus I write my own songs and I needed to know details…Some folks were like “just shutup and sign on the dotted line.” I know better than that. …

We all had one lawyer and a few hours to go over the details of about 6 or 7 contracts, that we didn’t even get a copy of…and we didn’t get an opportunity to send to an outside attorney…and if we didn’t sign, we couldn’t be on the show…So, naturally I wanted to know what I was signing, and I asked good questions (my fiancee is an attorney). I guess that makes me a “troublemaker” which is complete BS and has nothing to do with my talent.

I definitely believed that affected my time on the show. They didn’t like the fact that I wouldn’t sign “just anything” and that other contestants were coming asking me questions. So I think they ousted me the first chance they could get…Even if I didn’t get in on votes…how did I not get picked for the Wildcard show when I received comments from the “judges” that were better than most of the contestants who were picked for the Wildcard show.”

…I wasn’t complaining…I was asking basic legal questions. There’s a huge difference between the two.

Other contestants haven’t complained, he claims, because “alot [sic] of the contestants don’t understand how this business works. They’ve never had record deals or seen a record contract…I have. So I knew what questions to ask. it’s kinda like ignorance is bliss. Some contestants may have thought it was just cool to be on TV, but this is my career. I take this thing “VERY” seriously…Very few people spoke up. They saw me as the ring leader. I’m not naming names. Because I have nothing against the other Idols.”

Ju’Not also claimed that the show has writers, but didn’t explain what that meant to the show’s authenticity. “What I mean is that people think AI is a talent show. No. It’s a reality show with writers!! We’re all actors. All these shows have writers that guide the public opinion. The Hills, Real World. All of them. … Do you think a billion-dollar enterprise is subject to the whim of the public?”

Asked about votes, he said, “I don’t know about those. They sit us down and tell us it’s fair blah..blah…but who knows. Do you think a billion dollar enterprise is subject to the whim of the public?”

Quite the wildly speculative bombshell there.

Perhaps his most interesting complaint was the way producers wanted to frame his story, which he said he didn’t want. “As far as being a black man on the show…..I don’t really focus on that. They wanted too though. Even though I’m from the hood, they wanted me to put that out to the world and expose my personal business for ratings. I wouldn’t do it. Then they pulled me aside and told me I was a trouble maker for asking questions about the gazillion slavetracts we were signing.”

Ju’Not Joyner Drops “Idol” Bombshells [AI Now]

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