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Melissa Rycroft injured, giving Dancing more injury porn along with cross-dressing men

Last night on Dancing with the Injured Stars, Melissa Rycroft wasn’t there due to a new rib injury, and because she was judged on a half-assed rehearsal, she received the lowest score of the night.

Tom Bergeron teased her absence at the beginning of the show, and later explained that “Melissa suffered a painful rib injury; complications from it will prevent her from dancing tonight. She’s talking to the doctor right now; it looks like she’ll be able to continue in the competition.”

Because there’s nothing the show likes more than injury porn, it showed clips of her initially injuring her ribs during a flip, and then exacerbating that injury during rehearsal this week, when she experienced “a blinding pain shoot down my side.” The doctor told her it was “most likely a hairline fracture of ribs.”

Melissa did rehearse Monday morning, so just like when Steve-O was judged on a rehearsal when he was injured, footage of that was used for the judges critiques and viewer votes. The judges noted she was “marking,” which meant she and Tony weren’t doing full moves, but as Carrie Ann said, “unfortunately we have to judge that.”

Still, they all gave her 7s, which gave her the night’s lowest score. But because she rehearsed in a sports bra and jeans, that may get her more votes than the sequined whore costume the show’s designers undoubtedly would have created for her.

Speaking of costumes, after one of two group dances, during which the men ripped off their costumes to reveal they were wearing leotards and tights, Bruno Tonoli turned on the double entendre and told the male dancers, “Something definitely stood out tonight” and said, “boys, can you step forward? It really is nice to see men that shops in the women’s department and carry it with pride.”

He then gave them a nine and waved his paddle to cool himself down as Samantha Harris helpfully explained from backstage, “Yes, you see it, leg hair and all.” Well, not all: Even though Mark Ballas was one of those dancers, nothing was standing out this time.

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