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Melissa and Jason broke up pre-reunion; Melissa was offered Bachelorette 5

Following the second After the Final Rose special, the cast and producer of The Bachelor 13 have been telling their stories to the media. Here are highlights of the most newsworthy and interesting parts:

Melissa told Ellen Degeneres, “I knew on the night After the Final Rose [aired], I wasn’t getting dumped. We had already ended the relationship and that was mutual.” But she says she had no idea she was being “cheated on,” until “the second I went out on that stage, he goes, ‘P.S. it is Molly.’ And I went, ‘Bastard!”” [Us Weekly]

Melissa also said on the show that her e.mail messages and Jason’s are real. “I felt I needed to apologize for getting angry with him [during the taping] but at the same time, I said ‘I hope you know why I got that made.’ Because we weren’t talking at that point — it’s not like I was going to just call him up — and so that was my way of saying ‘This is my closure.’ I was mad, I’m sorry but this is it, don’t reply back,” she said. [Reality TV World]

Executive producer Mike Fleiss says Jason didn’t have to break up with Melissa on TV. “I think he felt an obligation to the show, but there’s no contractual obligation there. None,” he said. []

Mike Fleiss has already insisted the show wasn’t scripted, and said, “It’s completely untrue! Don’t you think if we were into that and playing those kind of games that somebody who it happened to would be saying that and not some ‘unnamed source?’ We’ve had 500 people on the show, find one that says we told them who to pick — you won’t because we’ve never done that. The rumor stuff is just appalling because we all work so hard on this show. We really make every attempt possible to keep this pure and let people make their own decisions.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Jason said “people should know we’re in love and we’re happy. The road we had to take here was really, really difficult. There are people that got hurt. People are going to judge, but it’s true and honest,” while Molly says she’s moving to Seattle: “I think right now we’re trying to adjust to being a couple in the real world. But it’s not a matter of if I’m moving to Seattle, but when.” [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

Molly was offered The Bachelorette 5 first, and then Fleiss asked Melissa, but she said no. []

Melissa said in a statement released to the media, “As wonderful of an experience as ‘The Bachelorette’ would be, I think it’s time for me to move on from my television days, and see what my future holds back in Dallas.”

Melissa is dating someone named Ty. Really. [Access Hollywood]

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